Couples Therapy

It is normal for all types of relationships to experience stress and strain. It is never too early, or too late to engage in couples therapy and spend some time focusing on how to make your relationship better. In therapy we will work together to learn about patterns of communication that have impacted the relationship and improve each other's understanding of each other. Together we will identify what your relationship needs in order to enhance emotional intimacy and grow together instead of apart. 

Individual Therapy

This is one of the most common forms of therapy. We will work one-on-one to discover and learn about patterns being experienced in your life, and with others around you that are contributing to difficulties in multiple areas of your life. We will work together to enhance self-reflection and developing healthy relationships with the self, and others. 

Family Therapy

Families engage in joint therapy sessions and work on exploring tensions, unaddressed issues between family members, nonverbal/verbal communication styles, and work on becoming a closer family unit through better understanding of each others perspectives and beliefs. 

Common family presenting concerns:

  • Difficulty communicating

  • Fights over important family decisions

  • Financial struggles and stressors

  • Grief/loss of a beloved family member

  • Chronic illness 

  • Child mental health impacting family roles

  • Divorce or separation 

  • Blended family stressors 

  • Behavioral issues or academic concerns regarding children

  • Sibling conflict

  • Resentment and anger from early childhood experiences

  • Troubled teens

  • Substance abuse

  • Impact of one family member’s mental health issues

  • Building independence in adult children

How do i get started?

Currently accepting new clients via Telehealth, follow the steps below to schedule a phone intake.

Woman Holding a Mobile Phone
Smart Phone Call
Virtual Team Meeting
Therapy Session


Call me at (305)857-5463 or contact me. Please provide the best phone number to reach you directly, times you are available to have a private telephone conversation, and type of therapy you are seeking. (Individual, couples, family)


I will call you to conduct a 15-minute initial telephone intake. This call will cover questions about  important aspects of your personal life, any risks you are facing, and the fee per session. I will answer questions regarding types of therapy available, concern(s) you are seeking services for, and the next steps. There is no charge for this initial confidential conversation. If we identify needs that I am not able to address, you will be provided with referrals based on your identified needs. 


I will call you to schedule your first Telehealth session after all legal documentation has been signed between all parties involved.


We will ideally meet at the same time every week via Telehealth. Sessions are 50-minutes long, exceptions apply and vary depending on the type of service you are seeking. As therapy progresses, you may decide that you would benefit from multiple sessions weekly, and we can discuss this option if needed. We will continue our therapist-client relationship as needed and as you see fit.